Writing Approach

Please keep in mind that the overall number of pages you can submit in total is no more than ten. Learning to communicate your ideas clearly and succinctly provides you with a crucial advantage in corporate and entrepreneurial realms, as well as in academia.

Suggested Writing Tips:

  • Plan: Think through your points first and organize your thoughts before writing;
  • Use proper structure: Use an introductory paragraph that introduces your main points, then use separate paragraphs for each main point, and lastly use a brief concluding paragraph to sum up your points;
  • Use paragraphs properly: Use one paragraph per thought, with the first sentence of each paragraph stating one key point clearly (i.e., topic sentence) while also making a fluid transition from the previous paragraph. The remaining three or four sentences of that paragraph provide specific support for the topic sentence (consider the ladder of abstraction). Repeat this for each key point;
  • Use formal, but flowing language: Use complete sentences, resist using “I” and contractions such as “it’s” (write “it is” instead), but also avoid the use of long sentences and complex words or phrases.

Writing Requirements:

  • Referencing sources: Use APA referencing rules and format both in the body of the text and in a references list. Relevant papers from the course can be supplemented by additional relevant papers you have read in other courses and other contexts;
  • Direct quotes: Do not use direct quotes. We would like to ‘hear’ your voice and articulations of the arguments/ideas that you present;
  • Academic integrity: We expect all students to conform to academic integrity requirements. We will take every possible action if deviation is detected. This is an individual assignment and all ideas and writing must be your own and properly referenced.